lundi 13 mars 2017

Drink this juice before going to bed will help you lose weight fast

Your body burns calories and energy through metabolism. To stimulate, even during sleep, it is good to know which foods contribute. Here is the recipe of a juice with natural ingredients that will help you lose weight quickly.
Our body uses food as a fuel it then transformed into energy produced by the metabolism. This energy is stored as fat. Each person has a metabolic rate that corresponds to the amount of energy it needs to rest. However, we all have the ability to change our basic metabolism. For the booster and lose weight more quickly, here is a recipe for effective natural juices.
How to prepare this juice will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight?
•      1 tablespoon grated ginger
•      1 tablespoon of aloe vera juice
•      A bunch of cilantro or parsley
•      1 lemon
•      1 cucumber
•      ½ cup of water
Instructions :

Very pleasant to drink this juice is also very simple to prepare. Simply mix all ingredients in blender. Drink this juice will reduce the fat in the body, especially the abdomen. The combination of all ingredients together in this juice will give a boost to your metabolism to burn more calories even while sleeping. The effectiveness of this "formula" in burning fat has also been demonstrated. Scientific studies have shown that ginger helped to maintain a healthy intestinal flora to digest fat and stimulate the digestive system.
the benefits of the ingredients :
Ginger : is ideal to boost metabolism, especially while you sleep. It aids digestion and has fat burning properties that help weight loss. It prevents constipation and helps reduce localized fat on the stomach, which tends to resist the plans.

Cucumber :  is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is very effective for weight loss because it is low in calories but rich in energy terms. This nutrient plays a key role in dieting.
Parsley and coriander : are very low caloric point of view and at the same time very rich in antioxidants. They contain vitamins and minerals that act against the retention of water, which help to deflate the stomach and reduce bloating.
Lemon juice :  detox has virtues that needs no introduction! This food is very effective to clean the digestive system and eliminate toxins accumulated in the body.
Considered a natural purifier, the aloe vera juice is especially effective for losing weight. It eliminates waste and toxins more easily.

For a loss of healthy and effective weight, drink lots of water.

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